interview two individuals that are in different stages of Adulthood. You may cho

interview two individuals that are in different stages of Adulthood. You may choose from the following stages: Emerging/Early Adulthood (20-40), Middle Adulthood (40-65), Late Adulthood (65+).
Interview Requirements: Interviews can be conducted via phone, video conferencing, email, or in person. You can select your own questions to be included in the interview. However, the following core questions must be addressed:
Basic Demographic Information (age, gender, marital status, employment status)
What major goals has the person accomplished so far in life?
What are some of the challenges associated with their current stage of life?
How does the person feel societal expectations shape their life right now?
Paper Requirements:
Identify the stage of life that your selected person fits into (Early, Middle, Late Adulthood)
What are some of the associations common to each interviewee’s stage of life? For example, are they an emerging adult starting their first full-time job, at the age in which a mid-life crisis might occur, or stuck in the “Sandwich Generation?” If so, does your interviewee currently fit into any of these common associations? Why or why not?
Does it seem any prejudicial or stereotypical behavior is experienced in this person’s stage of life (e.g., based upon their age/gender/sexuality)?
Do you believe that this person is developing typically or atypically based upon what you know so far about his/her current stage of life?
Apply three specific theories from the course readings that apply to both individuals interviewed.
Formatting Requirements:
The paper must adhere to all APA 7th edition requirements, including cover and reference page.

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