Instructions for Papers Papers are due on the dates specified in the syllabus. O

Instructions for Papers
Papers are due on the dates specified in the syllabus. Of course you are welcome to hand them in sooner. Please hand in the papers via Canvas submission only; emailed or hard copies will not be considered.
Though this is technically a paper, your finished product will read more like an extended outline than an essay. It consists of a thesis, four arguments (two against your thesis, two in favor), and four examples (one supporting each argument). The intro consists of two sentences; there is no conclusion. The examples must be drawn from your own life experience. Do not employ any external sources; but feel free to use terms and definitions from class.
Here is the structure the paper must display:
At the top: your name, my name, class name, date
Title: the question you will be addressing in the paper (choose topic from ideas for topic list)
Thesis sentence: “In this paper I will argue that…” followed by a short summary of your thesis.
Argument 1, against thesis
Example 1, supporting Argument 1
Argument 2, against thesis
Example 2, supporting Argument 2
Transition sentence “Such, at any rate, are the arguments [against my thesis]. But they are readily answered.” (Feel free to copy-paste this sentence and edit it for your own thesis.)
Argument 3, for thesis
Example 3, supporting Argument 3
Argument 4, for thesis
Example 4, supporting Argument 4
The section headers must be in bold font, as they are here: the sample paper shows what such a paper needs to look like. There is no upper limit, but there is an 1100 word minimum word count.
For paper topic ideas, please consult the “Ideas for Papers” page in this module. As always, let me know if you have any questions.
Good luck!

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