Instruction and Grading Rubric for Research Paper I. Selection of Diseases

Instruction and Grading Rubric for Research
of Diseases- Asthma in neonates and pediatrics
A. The instructor
of record will provide a list of diseases in which each student will
randomly draw.
Whatever the disease a student selected, the student will research and
write the paper
on that topic.
of Research
A. Scientific
journals: These journals can be accessed by going to the library and
assistance from the librarians.
B. Journal of
C. Journal of the
American Academy of Pediatrics
scientific journals.
E. Merck’s Manual
of Medicine.
F. Egan’s Fundamental
of Respiratory Care.
G. No materials
from any .com, please.
H. Dates of
articles must be from 2017 or later. Research paper written on materials
older than 2017
will NOT be accepted.
*I will upload 3
references to help write the paper but please only use Egan’s as a source that
is cited out of the three. Each was extracted
from their respective book that focuses on asthma. For the other sources please refer to the
available options listed above.
of the Research Paper
A. Font size #12
(legal), Time New Roman, single-space.
B. Citation:
Modern Language Association (MLA) format.
IV. What Must Be
in The Body of Research Paper: Be Sure to Label These Section:
“Overview,” for
A. Overview of
the disease
B. Clinical
C. Differential
D. Workup
(diagnostic testing)
E. Treatment
& Management
V. Page
A. A minimum of 5
pages, but no more than 7 pages—single-spaced.
B. Quote: I do
not wish to see that most of the paper made up quoted texts.
C. Do not include
the body of research in the title page
D. What must be
contained in the title page:
1. College:
2. Program:
3. Semester:
Spring 2022
4. Course:
5. Section: Your
Registered Section
6. Topic: Your
Selected topic of disease- Asthma
7. Name: Your
8. Date:
VI. Grading
A. Direction
1. Fully follow
the instructions of this research paper: 2
2. Partially
follow the instructions of this research paper: 1
3. Failure to
follow the instructions of this research paper: 0
B. Spelling
1. No spelling
errors: 2
2. < 10: 1 3. > 10: 0
C. Grammatical
1. No errors: 2
2. < 10: 1 3. > 10: 0
D. Missing or
inaccurate information in: III, A through E.
1. No missing or
inaccurate information: 2 in each section.
2. Missing some
or providing some inaccurate information: 1
3. Missing and
the entire paper is inaccurate: 0
E. Citations
1. Sources
correctly cited: 2
2. Some
inaccurate citations: 1
3. Incorrect
citations: 0
VII. Due Date:
June 5, 2022
A. No late paper
will be accepted.
B. Submission
will be via file download pdf (Also make convert to Word document)

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