In this section, you will be actually writing a short One Act play. Before we b

In this section, you will be actually writing a short One Act play.
Before we begin, were are going to go over what is necessary for you to write your One-Act play.
Information Page: This page is essential to any play. Without it, actors and directors would not know where the play was to take place, at what time, and how to play the various characters that are written into the script. Without proper character description, a play could lose its entire meaning. If a play is about a man with a lisp trying to give his first public speech and the lisp isn’t mentioned with the character on the Information Page, the play loses a key element that makes it significant.
For your play, your Information page must include:
Cast of Characters w/ some sort of a description of each.
Scene: Description of where the play will take place.
Time: Description of when the play will take place.
Stage Directions:
Notice all of the italics? They serve as a sort of “walking map” to the characters and directors as to how the playwright wants his characters to move, react, and feel. Remember, your play will have to be performed on a stage; a stage is nothing more than a platform. For characters to enter and exit, the playwright needs to tell us from where and when.
Below is a list of stage directors commonly used in Theatre:
Stage Left or Right (SR or SL): This is the actor’s left or right, not the audience.
Blackout: Is used at the end of the scene to signify its end.
For your play, you must include:
Stage directions showing the entrance and exit of your characters.
Stage directions showing the changing of emotions of characters from line to line (if necessary).
The Dialog of a play is what drives the action and the plot. Think about how your characters will interact. Think about what the consequences of their words and actions will be. Use the Dialog of your characters to drive your play forward.
For your play, you must include:
Dialog between characters.
Centered and Capitalized titles of dialog lines identifying the speaker.
In order to earn full credit for your play you must meet all of the following criteria:
Title Page
Cast of Characters page contains the following: list of characters w/ description, setting, and time
Dialog between characters is correctly formatted
Stage directions are correctly used to show movement of characters and character emotions/actions.
Minimum of two pages of DIALOG, resulting in a minimum of 4 pages w/ Title and Cast of Characters page.
Play has a Plot and Theme
Play is creative and inventive

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