In a minimum of two double-spaced pages, identify two developmental stages that

In a minimum of two double-spaced pages, identify two developmental stages that you either:
A) Would like to have affected the outcome differently (reflection of past experience)
Identify each developmental stage.
Analyze the experience.
Discuss how you would modify the experience.
Explain how changed behaviors of environmental factors would affect a difference life experience.
(Example: During an adolescent stage, you had this particular set of experiences that resulted in this particular event or pattern of behavior. By modifying either that behavior or the environment itself, how could that have changed something that occurred in your early adult years)
B) Plan to proactively engage a mindful approach to behavior modification or life change (future wellness)
Identify each developmental stage.
Analyze the personal and interpersonal requirements necessary to affect the desired outcome.
Discuss the steps you will take to set this new path into motion for yourself (or others, if applicable).
(Example: As you enter your early adult years you recognize that diet and exercise can have a personal and lifelong impact. What would that impact be and how would you make it happen)
Choose either Option A or Option B
Your paper should be a minimum of two double-spaced pages.
Important Note Regarding Plagiarism:
It is the student’s responsibility to pay close attention to the Turnitin Report (TII) and ensure there is no indication of plagiarism (as indicated by the similarity index percentage and the included report). Plagiarism will not be tolerated and violations will be submitted to academic affairs for investigation and action.
Make sure you review your TII Report to ensure that the percentage does not indicate concern for plagiarized work before you submit it.
Should your submission demonstrate a reasonable indication of plagiarized work, please re-do the assignment and resubmit it. There is no penalty for multiple submissions through Turnitin in order to properly create an assignment for final submission.
However, once the submission is made to the gradebook I will be reviewing the TII report and any concerns with plagiarism will be reported. There will not be the opportunity to re-do an assignment, once submitted, if there is a concern of plagiarism.

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