Important note: *i do identify as a democrat, pro choice, and believe in gun con

Important note: *i do identify as a democrat, pro choice, and believe in gun control*
As social work advocates, we are committed to advancing a policy agenda that meets the needs of those most vulnerable, including minorities and populations-at-risk. Achieving such an agenda depends in part on electing to public office leaders who share social work values and will champion social work causes. We have an ethical duty to educate ourselves about candidates for office and the elected officials who represent us. The more we know about those who represent us, the more effectively we can work with them toward improved policy outcomes.
For this assignment, you will identify 3 persons who represent you in the United States Congress or in your state legislature. For each, provide the following information, clearly organized with the following headings:
● Date first elected to the legislature
● Political party affiliation
● Committee/Subcommittee memberships
● Leadership positions (if any)
● How they tend to vote on bills (give 3-5 examples of how they voted on bills, provide sources)
● Issues of particular interest or areas of expertise
● Fit with social work stances (provide reasoning/justification and sources)
● Key staff name(s) and contact(s)
● Other relevant information
Based on the information you collect, also write an additional 1.5-2 page analysis of how this information could be useful to you as you increase your policy advocacy activity on behalf of the social work profession and those we serve. Be as specific as you can, drawing on what you now know about each of the individuals you’ve profiled. You will be evaluated based on: thoroughness, accuracy, and demonstrated critical thinking. Include a reference page of your sources, in APA style.

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