Identify an ethnic-based genetic disease on the Boston Medical Center Website us

Identify an ethnic-based genetic disease on the Boston Medical Center Website using the following link:
Ethnic-based disease: Hispanic – Cystic Fibrosis
Give a brief overview of the ethnic group for the genetic disease chosen for your project (Please note that the same genetic disease may be found in multiple ethnic groups).
Give a general overview of the genetic disease (life expectancy, signs, symptoms, etc.).
Give brief detail about the genetics of the disease process (i.e. dominant, recessive, paternal, maternal, deletion mutation, etc.).
Discuss what places the person at risk for worsening of the disease.
Discuss what interventions (i.e. diet, medications, lifestyle changes, environmental changes, etc.) would benefit the afflicted person.
Discuss how you would integrate their cultural needs with their disease requirements when developing education and/or a plan of care for them (i.e. combining the need to fast during a religious holiday or time period with the need to stay hydrated).
Discuss any associated needs (coping, mental health, etc.) that would need to be included in the education of your patient and their families (i.e. some diseases may be physically disfiguring requiring counseling for the patient or even their families).
Length of paper: Approximately Four (4) pages, excluding the title page and references.
Must follow APA 7th edition format
A minimum of four (4) current peer-reviewed scholarly resources are required for maximum points.

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