I need you to write a letter coming from George Kyparisis directed to the admiss

I need you to write a letter coming from George Kyparisis directed to the admissions board of the University of Central Florida.
The letter is for a student of mine named Joanna Martinez Conde. The class I teach is called Business Statistics and Analysis (QMB 4680).
This course includes fundamental concepts and tools needed to understand the role of modern business analytics in organizations, to apply basic business analytics tools in a spreadsheet environment, and to effectively interpret analytic models and communicate results with the goal of making better decisions. The focus is on predictive and prescriptive perspectives, concepts, and methodologies.
this class was on Spring 2022 the semester she graduated.
it was an online class
she participated in all of the classes even though attendance was not mandatory.
she contributed to the classes by asking pertinent questions that helped other students. ( showing amazing academic curiosity and desire to be better and not just do the minimum)
she was at the top of the class
she got an A and 100% in the final exam
She did all of the homeworks and quizzes ahead of time (which shows how organized and well prepared she is)
Every time she couldn’t get all questions right on the homework she would reach out and ask until she understood everything that was necessary.
studies thoroughly and critically
everybody liked her presence
she speaks very well and fluently
she helped her classmates everytime they couldn’t understand something
always showed interest in the class
showed great analytical and critical thinking and was great at solving practical business problems
was able to apply descriptive and predictive analytical techniques
showed intellectual independence from an online class

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