I need to submit a general idea of the fraud I would like to commit (billing, cy

I need to submit a general idea of the fraud I would like to commit (billing, cyber, etc) and the type of organization where the fraud will be committed first. Ex. Medicare billing fraud for a small nursing home, financial statement fraud for a large retail organization, etc.
Topic is yet to be decided. Experts should assist the customer.
10…+abstract, references + powerpoint presentation ( 6 to 7 slides)
But first I need to send the topic for approval
One way to combat fraud is to think like a fraudster. As part of this assignment you will be doing just that. You will be submitting your ideas in week 2, part of your analysis in week 5 and the entire paper in week 7 with a presentation in week 8.
Based on your readings, peer reviewed literature, and other authoritative sources, include the following in your analysis
PART 1 – Due Week 5
1. Imagine your intent is to make as much money as you can by committing fraud. Explain how you would commit this fraud using detailed examples and how much money you would expect to gain from your scheme. Remember your goal is to make as much money as possible while trying not to get caught so be creative.
Provide details on the type of organization where you plan to commit the fraud it could be an existing company (if you use the company you work for please change the name) or it could be a new company you decide to start
Provide a visual representation of how the fraud would be committed as an overview and if you were presenting the scheme to a jury with little to no fraud experience
Identify how this type of fraud is classified (billing, cyber, etc) and how exactly you would commit the fraud.
PARTS 2, 3, and 4 (combined with Part 1) – Due Week 7
2. Explain the controls, if any, in detail that would have prevented you from committing this fraud
3. Explain the detection techniques, if any, in detail that would have uncovered your fraudulent activities
4. Explain the laws that could be used to prosecute you for committing this fraud and if this would have deterred you from committing the fraud
The body of a research paper should be at least 10 pages (not including cover page, abstract, or references) but not more than 12 pages in total (you can break up the pages into any combination over the weeks assigned.
Research papers require a minimum of eight references: academic journals, professional journals, and/or appropriate authoritative references identified by the instructor in total.
All research papers are submitted in APA format.
Present and discuss your fraud scheme to the class to see if your classmates would have been able to detect your fraud.
Week 1: Start research on a topic
Week 2: Post ideas of fraud for approval
Week 5: Part 1 and discussion
Week 7: Final paper
Week 8: Presentation

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