I have uploaded the passages to be used , please use only this passage, remembe

I have uploaded the passages to be used , please use only this passage, remember to pose a question please and include 3 quotes
A post is your 100-150-word critical interpretation of one passage in or aspect of The Blazing World. A critical interpretation begins with your brief description
of a passage or aspect of our assigned reading that you found to be strange, thought-provoking,
particularly beautiful, or important to the literary work’s meaning or message. In it, you will develop
a question about this passage that does not have a clear “yes” or “no” answer. Oftentimes these kinds
of questions occur to us in the processof reading, so be sure to read with a pen or pencil, recording
your inquiries and thoughts as you go.
In the remainder of your post, you should aim to engage us in a conversation or closer look at the
short story. Seek to clarify or illuminate this weird or striking passage by using evidence from other
parts of the text. To find additional passages, you might ask yourself, “Where would I look in the
novel to find an answer to my question about this passage?” Aim to reference or quote at least 3
specific parts of the assigned reading. Together, they should represent your thinking about a broad
range of pages.

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