I am asking for the information for the slides, ot the slides Create a presenta

I am asking for the information for the slides, ot the slides
Create a presentation, the first few slides should briefly outline the highlights of your milestone paper.
3. The remainder of your presentation is meant to be a pitch of your own idea for a quality management program. Your pitch should address the following questions:
a. Who will you include on the deployment team and why?
b. How will you structure and manage the team to optimize their success?
c. What quality management tool are you proposing be implemented and why?
d. Why is this particular tool a good fit for this organization or the problem you are trying to solve?
e. How will the new tool you are proposing impact overall quality (service quality or product quality)?
Your final milestone submission should follow APA format, be well supported with a minimum of five recent sources, and be a minimum of 20 slides long.
Be sure your PPT is well assembled, using a design template (not a plain white sheet), minimal text on the slide (bullet point lists, not paragraphs of text), and incorporates graphics where appropriate. Use the speaker notes section to indicate what you would say if you were giving the presentation. The speaker notes section is mandatory.

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