Good evening, please when you send back number it from 1, 2, 3 and 100 words for

Good evening, please when you send back number it from 1, 2, 3 and 100 words for each questions thank you.
1. Choose one of the dimensions and describe your self-assessment. Were you surprised by the results? Why or why not? Imagine that you are a consultant working as a mentor in the areas of cultural competence and diversity, equity and inclusion (#DEI). What would you recommend as a personal development plan for yourself?
2. Share a time when you felt discouraged or vulnerable and how someone’s encouragement made a difference in your life. What helped and how? Describe a situation when you feel you have been especially encouraging, a good listener, or a strong support for someone who was in a difficult or vulnerable circumstance. What did you do? How did you know that your actions or words were helpful? Think about your community problem from your course assignments. What types of encouragement or affirmation might be needed to help people who are experiencing the problem you chose? Why do you think this would be helpful?
Choose one of the areas (psychological, societal, family, or interpersonal) and explain how having a career in human services has or will impact the well-being of that area. For example, a human services career might enhance your self-esteem (psychological), or a graduate degree in human services might help secure your family’s financial future (family). Pretend that you are choosing a position in the human services field. What would you need to consider in each of the areas before deciding that the job was a good fit for you? How would you know?

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