Getting the job you want is a matter of connecting your past with your future. I

Getting the job you want is a matter of connecting your past with your future. If the links between then and now are not clear to a potential employer, you must make them so. If your experiences do not exactly match what the employer has asked for, then point out how your experiences will work for this position and be specific.
Once you get started working, choose your experience carefully to build up the background you need to get where you are going. Volunteer for assignments, request transfers, fill in for a co-worker in the job you want while he/she is on vacation, go to school at night or join a community action group!
Take on these “extras” with a purpose: To get the experience you need for the next successful move up the career ladder you are building for yourself!
For this Discussion answer these questions:
List your most important marketable skills as they relate to the position you want. ( ANY POSITION IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE FIELD
List prior employment skills and how they relate to your chosen job.
List your job-related education or technical training.
List non-related training that may be helpful or transferable to this job.
List activities or accomplishments that might improve your chance of getting this job.
My most important marketable skills are that I am well on time management, organized, a good researcher and am good with communication. In addition, I am great at working under pressure which would be valued in forensics.
Prior employment skills such as communication, developing relations, problem-solving, multi-tasking and being able to work under great pressure has developed my work ethic incredibly.
Not only will I have a bachelors in criminal justice soon, but I have an associates in psychology. I have taken many various courses — CJ courses including forensics, law courses, psychology courses, sociology courses, biology, etc. These will all be of great benefit towards my career.
Some of my good friends have careers in law enforcement and forensics. I have learned a lot from them and have been given TV show recommendations that will help me learn about my future career. For example, Dr. Lewis from Criminal Minds is a forensic psychologist. Much of what she does is close to the day-to-day forensic psychologist (besides the dramatics, excessive action, etc).
My previous jobs, as well as educational accomplishments, will improve my chances of working in my future career.

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