For this essay, you will select two different kinds of sources to compare and co

For this essay, you will select two different kinds of sources to compare and contrast how they approach the same topic from their respective positions. You have control over what the two texts are but they must be different (for example, do not select two Washington Post news articles because they will be too similar; do select a Washington Post article and then a Youtube video about the same topic).
First you will describe the topic the two texts discuss. Then you will rhetorically analyze how each text presents the topic in their rhetorical situation, discussing how their purpose, audience, message, ethos, genre, context/circumstances and rhetorical appeals (ethos, pathos, logos) affect how the text was created and received. Your comparison should include discussion on how effective each text is in meeting their rhetorical situation. You are not reacting to the texts or otherwise incorporating your own personal opinion: you are analyzing the texts for how they are constructed and how those constructions impact their audiences.
When reporting your sources, follow the best practices for quoting and paraphrasing: signal phrases, in-text citations, changing enough of the original words and sentence structure when paraphrasing to avoid plagiarism, etc.
Example of Topic Ideas:
Scholarly source vs. Popular source (The Lancet’s “Carcinogenicity of Consumption of Red and Processed Meat” vs. NPR’s “Bad Day For Bacon: Processed Meats Cause Cancer, WHO Says”)
Hyper-partisan topic (Mask mandates, Roe v Wade appeal, Inflation, Gas Prices, etc)
Two sources for comparison (you may have additional research if it helps with the analysis)
1000-1400 words
MLA format and citations
Works Cited page
summarized topic- 10%
rhetorical situation-30%
rhetorical appeals-15%
compares texts-20%
appropriate source use-15%
MLA citations, formatting, and editing- 10%
evaluation of rhetorical situations-25%
(also if possible, please add a rough draft!)
Thank You!!!

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