For this assignment, you will write an argumentative essay on the following topi

For this assignment, you will write an argumentative essay on the following topic:
Technology has become an essential component of our society. Some people feel that we have become too reliant upon technology to help us accomplish day-to-day tasks. From spell-check in a word processor to an artificial intelligence performing a Google search, there is little doubt that our culture, as well as our future, is almost completely overshadowed by technology. While some people feel uneasy about such a reliance upon technology, others embrace the digital future and feel we should go even further. What is your position? Do you feel that technology reliance is beneficial or detrimental to individuals, families, and society as a whole?
Write an essay that supports your position. Your essay should total about 800-1000 words.
Argumentation is a rhetorical style which calls for a change in the attitude and/or conducts on the part of the reader. An argumentative paper attempts to change the reader’s mind and to convince the reader to agree with the point of view or opinion of the writer. Make sure that you avoid the logical fallacies that we discussed in class.
Here is the suggested format for your essay:
Logical proof of your position
Acknowledgment and refutation of opposing views
The essay should adhere to the following requirements:
Be double-spaced
Use at least three sources,
Follow MLA documentation style
Be at least 800 to 1000 words
Utilization of the citation feature in MS Word to generate references and Works Cited page is highly recommended

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