For this activity choose THREE of the case analysis questions listed below and c

For this activity choose THREE of the case analysis questions listed below and create a response to the specific case questions. Then, you will be required to write an overall reflection on the cases that you have chosen to discuss the parts of the law that are applicable to each scenario. Discuss your personal takeaway’s from the cases and how the law should be applied in each scenario you chose. The total response that you draft should be two to three pages in length, taking into account APA Style – Double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins. You should utilize the Case Analysis Template (Links to an external site.) to develop your response (you will need to click “File” then place your mouse over “Download As” and click on “Microsoft Word.” This will create a Word document for you to type into, save, and submit your personal file).
Chapter 17
An elementary school custodian hit a child who wrote graffiti on the wall. Is the school district liable for this intentional tort by its employee? What if the custodian hit one of the schoolchildren for calling him a name? Is the school district liable?
Fernando worked for Affinity, which made furniture deliveries for Sears. Fernando signed a contract stating that he was an independent contractor. He was paid $23 per delivery. He typically worked five to seven days a week, but Affinity would call him each day to tell him whether or not he would be working the following day. Fernando was not required to, but he did, lease his truck from Affinity. The company handled upkeep on the truck. Affinity required all drivers to buy their mobile telephones and their uniforms from the company. It also established personal grooming requirements. Was Fernando an employee or an independent contractor? Be sure to provide your rationale for your response.
Chapter 18
Triec, Inc., is a small electrical contracting company in Springfield, Ohio, owned by its executives Yeazell, Jones, and Heaton. Employees contacted the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, which began an organizing drive, and 6 of the 11 employees in the bargaining unit signed authorization cards. The company declined to recognize the union, which petitioned the NLRB to schedule an election. The company then granted several new benefits for all workers, including higher wages, paid vacations, and other measures. When the election was held, only 2 of the 11 bargaining unit members voted for the union. Did the company violate the NLRA?
Chapter 19
In the 2008 recession, Roger lost his job as a comptroller. Desperate for work after a year of unemployment, he began to apply for any accounting job at any company. But no one would hire him because he was “over-qualified and over-experienced.” He repeatedly explained that he was eager to fill the job that was available. Have these companies that refused to hire Roger violated the ADEA?
FedEx refused to promote José Rodriguez to a supervisor’s position because of his accent and “how he speaks.” Is FedEx in violation of the law?
Pam Huber worked at Wal-Mart as a grocery order filler, earning $13 an hour. While on the job, she suffered a permanent injury to her right arm and hand. Both she and Wal-Mart agreed that she was disabled under the ADA. As a reasonable accommodation, she asked for a job as a router, which was then vacant. Although she was qualified for that job, she was not the most qualified. Wal-Mart filled the job with the most qualified person. It offered Huber a position as a janitor at $6.20 per hour. Did Wal-Mart violate the ADA?

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