find a current research article (<5 years) that discusses a new way of doing som

find a current research article (<5 years) that discusses a new way of doing something that you do in your workplace. You are the unit manager. The parts of your paper should include: 1. An overview of the procedure or policy you want to change, and why it should be changed. Support your ideas with the article you found. 2. An explanation about the ideas that are in the 3 videos about how to implement change, and which of those ideas you would use. 3. An explanation of how you would implement and monitor this change. Would you have meetings? Informational sessions? Use coaches? Use selected staff to pilot the change? Implement gradually or all at once? This is not so much about the new procedure itself as it is about how you would introduce it. Support this with professional references about change. 4. A timeline for implementation of this change 5. An explanation of how you would evaluate the change process. Again, this isn’t about the procedure or policy itself, it’s about how you would evaluate how smoothly the change went. Your submission should contain: A title page and a reference page in APA style An introductory paragraph explaining the procedure or policy, why it should be changed, according to your chosen article. The plan for the proposed change in outline form, including timelines, people to be involved, how it will be introduced, and how it will be evaluated. A minimum of 750 words is required. 3 professional references are required.

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