Essay 3: Additional Information (optional) Greetings to my writer, this is an ad

Essay 3: Additional Information (optional)
Greetings to my writer, this is an additional information to my application where I want to explain why my GPA is low and why I don’t think that GPA is a important part of my application. I have written down the major points that I want to talk about in this essay.
– My gpa does not reflect my abilities because i had:
a hard time adjusting to the new culture and society in Hong Kong during my freshman year
– After a while, my classes transitioned to online classes since 2019 fall semester becuz of the Hong Kong protests (my school was bombed)
– my gpa is low but grades dont matter and it is not an important factor of my whole application, it doesn’t accurately measure my abilities (something more elaborative or a story would be helpful)
– So i went back to Korea and started working part time at bybillions private equity in korea while taking classes as well
– While doing part time work i got to learn practical skills and experiences
– I am a more creative person when it comes to executing ideas or plans (more meat to this sentence will be helpful)
– I believe GPA is just a number that is used to evaluate a person’s application or academic skills.
– It does not evaluate a person’s interpersonal skills.

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