Develope a sample development plan that you will impliement in a short term (nex

Develope a sample development plan that you will impliement in a short term (next 6 months) after completing this subject to develope skills that best position you for employment after graduation. the plan has to be simple clear and focused (to allow for successful implementation and execution of your plan.
Include summary baed on assessment 2 (self evaluation and self reflectrion) to introduce your plan. Do not simply copy your summary of the (5) self test from the previous assessment as your reflection of your understanding of yourself would have evolved during the trimester
(even though it may look similar, in your summary ensure that your discussing relevant areas from assessment 2 that you will be using as part of your development plan. e.g if team was one of your strength, and you would like to further develope that strength, as part of your plan, ensure you include areas in your summary (part 1: Approx, 250 words)
Create a table into which to populate thae areas you are wishing to work on and develop. the content of the table will include between two to 3 areas that you have chossen to develope, an objective to attain for each area and a set of actions that you will undertake for each aarea to achieve your objectives. you will also include potential barriers that may prevent you from achieving your objectives
(part 2: Approx, 750-1000 words)
discuss clearly the content of the table and how exactly your going to develope each area in details you should write a summary for each area included in the table. a reader (or yourself0 should be able to understand your plan without seeing the table.
(Part 3: approx, 750-1000 words
Add a conclusion on how the plan is going to assist you develope skill for employment. Foicus on the benefits of formulating and
implementing a professional development plan for your career (Part 4: approx, 250 words)

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