Dear Students, Below are the instructions for completing the paper. IMPORTANT!!!

Dear Students,
Below are the instructions for completing the paper.
IMPORTANT!!!-You will not receive any credit if you do not use at least 2 research articles from the SCF Virtual Library database and your text. This must be referenced and in-text citations must be used to indicate where the information from these was used. Also, please do not use any movie summary websites.
The report is worth about 10% of your grade.
All resources must be properly cited, both in the
text of the report and in a reference list at the end of each report.
Please post this assignment in the drop box below. A response to another learner is not expected.
Please do not email your assignments to my college or Canvas email.
These assignments are due no later than 6/16/2022 @ 11:55pm.
This assignment will not be accepted late.
Unfortunately, I simply cannot accommodate late papers. Please plan ahead. It will be a big push to get these graded in time for final grades.
Popular movies depicting individuals with psychological disorders have earned acclaim for their portrayal of people living with the disorders. While some in the psychological community applaud efforts to depict people with psychological disorders in popular media, others are concerned that the portrayals do not accurately reflect the true struggles and triumphs of these people and their families.
This essay assignment requires you to carefully watch the movie, then review the scholarly literature to determine how accurately the motion picture depicts the lives of the persons living with the disorder. You must also discuss the social psychological concepts to explain how the general public perceives abnormal behavior. Address the four following sections in your essay.
Part I- Psychological disorder (Approx. 500 words) This section does not contain any info about the movie but must be about the psychological disorder portrayed in the movie. (+40)
Choose one psychological disorder listed below and use your book (Ch.15) to summarize the salient characteristics of the disorder. and the diagnostic criteria. Conduct a literature review of at least 2 research articles from scholarly journals in the SCF database. and synthesize the findings of these articles to provide more information about the diagnosis. No long quotes, please. Make sure to include information on the research in each article (what was studied, how many participants, gender, ages, details, etc.), how the study was conducted and the findings.
***Your diagnosis about the character in the movie must be accurate as you will be basing all content in your paper on the movie comparison with the diagnosis and literature about the diagnosis.
Choose from one of the following disorders (choose one):
Major Depressive Disorder
Bipolar Disorder
Eating Disorder
Anxiety Disorders
Obsessive-compulsive Disorder
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
Part II: Motion Picture Analysis (not a youtube video or a TED talk) (+40)
Choose and watch one of the movies listed below that depicts the psychological disorder you described in the previous section of your essay.
Discuss the synopsis of the movie, IN YOUR OWN WORDS- super important! Using the DSM 5’s diagnostic criteria for the disorder and any relevant scholarly journal articles, discuss whether the movie accurately portrays the symptoms of the disorder. It is your responsibility to know the DSM 5 criteria for the disorder and demonstrate how the criteria are portrayed. Cite at least two specific examples that support your argument for whether the movie portrays the disorder accurately. This section should be about 500 words.
***If any of your information comes from a movie review website, you will receive a zero for the assignment. This must be your own work.
Movies Suggestions: Make sure you are reviewing a MOVIE. A TV series like Criminal Minds is not acceptable.
Check out
(Links to an external site.)
for ideas but make sure they are about one of the disorders listed above and make sure you are viewing a movie.
Other movies with permission of instructor. If making a request, be sure to summarize the diagnosis you feel the movie portrays, including symptoms. Make this request via Canvas email.
Part III- Application to Social Psychological Concepts: 200 words (+10)
Define and then use two of the following social psychological concepts from Ch.13 to explain how (mis)portrayal of abnormal behavior can have negative consequences for individuals and society at large:
-stereotyping and prejudice
-first impressions
-self-fulfilling prophecy
-attribution errors
-confirmation bias
Part IV- Conclusion (+10)
Briefly summarize your findings in 300 words or less. Your conclusion should include, but not be limited to, an assessment of how abnormal behavior is portrayed in the popular media and in the film you watched and what the overall social implications are of labeling individuals living with psychological disorders.

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