Class Conversation 4–The State of Our Unions: Contemplating Marriage in America

Class Conversation 4–The State of Our Unions: Contemplating Marriage in America
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As we explored and learned about the topic and trend of marriage, we were presented with the question: Does Marriage Matter … and in particular, does it matter in America? In this discussion, we will dialogue about how we perceive and understand marriage not only on a personal level but also on a national level within the USA.
First, read chapter 7 in our text (you will not be able to properly respond to the prompt otherwise):
In your post, consider…
What does marriage mean to you?
How do you perceive its present state in America when considering the marital and divorce rate and your own experiences and observations? Do you believe its value has changed in society; why or why not?
As some research has shown about public opinion, do you think marriage is becoming obsolete as some assert … is it just a piece of paper, and why?
Next, think about the concept by Dr. Andrew Cherlin of “Deinstitutionalized Marriage” as addressed in chapter 7 and what it asserts…
In what ways has the shift from the Institutional Marriage Premise to the Individualized Marriage Premise impacted marital stability; has it been for “better or worse” based on your reflections from reading the chapter and why?
**Be sure to ALWAYS support your conclusions and views with application from the course material**
Post your original response and 4 peer responses below by clicking on reply.
As always, remember to:
Integrate course material from chapter 7 and any other relevant information from the textbook to support your views and demonstrate an understanding of the material.
Review your post before submitting–no editing after you post.
Do not put your post in a question-and-answer format; you may use bullet points.
Post to at least 4 others in the discussion.
Cite all sources in proper APA format.
Keep in mind: your original post to this prompt is worth up to 10 points and your 4 peer responses are worth up to 4 points (1 point for each response). This makes the total points for this discussion worth 14 points.

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