Case study “Bill” The emphases of the Semester Paper “Bill” will be the 2nd Goal

Case study “Bill”
The emphases of the Semester Paper “Bill” will be the 2nd Goal of Psychology which is to
EXPLAIN Behavior and the 4th Goal of Psychology which is to CHANGE (control) Behavior.
Decide & present the primary problem in Bill’s life that will be the focus of your paper. This is the
problem that you hypothesize (educated guess) needs to be addressed first in order to make a
meaningful CHANGE (2nd goal of psychology) in Bill’s life and health. Be specific and objective.
#1 Reference: What do you hypothesize is Bill’s primary problem?
#2 Reference: Why do you feel this primary problem needs to be addressed first?
EXPLAIN (2nd goal of psychology) the probable causes of this primary problem referencing the
7 Approaches to the Understanding of Behavior taught in your textbook.
#3 Reference: The Biological Approach that examines how our genes, hormones, and nervous
system Interact with our environments to influence learning, personality, memory, motivation,
Emotions, coping techniques, and other traits and abilities.
#4 Reference: Cognitive Approach that focuses on how we process, store, and use information
and how this information influences what we attend to, perceive, learn, remember, believe, feel.
#5 Reference : Behavioral Approach that analyzes how organism learn new behavior or modify
existing ones, depending on whether events in their environments reward or punish these
#6 Reference: Psychoanalytic Approach which is based on the belief that childhood experiences
greatly Influence the development of later personality traits and psychological problem. It also
stresses the influence of unconscious forces, desires, and motivations on thoughts and
#7 Reference: Humanistic Approach emphasizes that everyone has great freedom in directing his
or Her future, a large capacity for achieving personal growth, a considerable amount of intrinsic
worth & enormous potential for self-fulfillment.
#8 Reference: Sociocultural Approach studies the influence of cultural and ethnic similarities and
differences on psychological and social functioning.
#9 Reference : Evolutionary Approach studies how evolutionary ideas such as adaptation and
natural selection, explain human behaviors and mental processes.
Addressing the Bio-psychosocial Approach (how biological, psychological, and social influences
explain human health and illness) decide the best overall explanation to understanding the
causes of the primary problem. Discuss what intervention / therapy you would use to address
the problem.
#10 Reference: Bio-Psychosocial Approach’s explanation of the primary problem.
#11 Reference = What intervention / therapy would be used to address Bill’s primary problem as
outlined in the paper.
References / Citations / Directions
References: Textbook only. No outside sources need.
Format: A.P.A. (American Psychological Association) Style
Length: 4 (four) full pages not to exceed 6 (six) full pages excluding title / abstract and
reference page
there is an specific book that this assignment needs to beuse in order to be done
, there is a story in order to do this paper:
Bill is a 14-year-old white male. He is a freshman in High School and has been sent to you
because he is failing all his classes.
He also has extremely poor attendance.
His appearance in messy and he does not look healthy.
Initially, he informs you that he is under a lot of stress and is not sleeping or eating well.
Over the next few talks with Bill, you also find out the following:
Bill is angry, sad, and depressed.
Bill is using alcohol and illegal drugs.
Bill is active sexually (his first experience at age 12)
Bill was molested when he was 6 years old by a stranger & willingly sodomized at 10 years old
by his older brother.
Bill has had past suicidal thoughts.
Bill’s Father was a drug abuser (illegal), battled depression & committed suicide when Bill was
12 years old.
Bill’s Mom is an over-the-counter drug abuser, also a depressive & sits in her rocker facing her
apartment window waiting for her dead husband to come home.

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