Below you’ll find a forum topic to discuss about. Your discussion need not excee

Below you’ll find a forum topic to discuss about. Your discussion need not exceed 300 words but discussions with less than 150 words will be considered incomplete. Your discussion must be about the related topic and ought to sufficiently support your ideas and opinions with appropriate textbook citations, additional sources or relevant examples. Your discussion ought to exhibit good writing and analytical skills, appropriate for an MBA level.
Please ensure you adhere to APA and grammatical standards, there may be occasional, random Turn-it-in verification.
Topic 1
Political behavior refers to people’s way of behaving when it comes to power and politics. In management, it means how a person influences an organization. Political behavior can make a company grow exponentially company or even destroy it if it is not well managed. Some usual forms of political behavior are territorialism, office politics, bossism, self-promotion, and territorialism.
The most common forms of political behavior I have seen in my workplace are self-promotion and territorialism. I personally had a very bad experience while working to make Mexico City the host of the Global Social Business Summit for the first time. There were people inside my consulting firm who tried to take the merit from me and said it was their idea. They did not recognize I was the one who attended the Summit in Vienna for the first time from my office and decided it was a good option to bring it to Mexico and make our city the host city for the following year. My work did not end there I had to work to get partnerships and sponsors equal to 2 million USD for the event which I did and convince the committee why Mexico worked as a venue. In the end, there was a coworker in a higher position than me that went into the media saying it was him who did everything. I faced misogyny in my workplace they never wanted to recognize a women’s work and least if she was young, this is an ethical implication that derived from self-promotion and territorialism since that person did not want me to occupy his position or grow inside the company. This implied unethical behavior from his side since he had to lie to say he did things he did not do and step on me in the process. He was also so attached to his position that he did not allow anyone to perform well so the CEO could not notice anyone but himself.

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