Analyze the way a technology is represented by a film or television series of yo

Analyze the way a technology is represented by a film or television series of your choice.
You should: describe the film/tv series briefly. Identify the technology or sociotechnical system
that is represented in it. Consider the following questions: What film/TV show is your paper
focused on and why? What genre is it? When did the film/tv show emerge? Situate it within an
industrial or socio-historical context in the introduction. What technology or sociotechnical
system is represented in the film/tv show? How are elements of style and narration organized to
construct a particular understanding of the technology? Develop analyses of at least three scenes
in detail to support your argument. Do you think the film/TV show treats technology in a
complex and evocative way or is it reductive and simplistic? Explain. In your essay be sure to
draw on at least three readings from class and three citations from beyond the class in addition to
the film/tv text. You should also be prepared to watch the film or tv episode(s) multiple times.
I was thinking of using the movie Wall-e for this essay. If you have a different movie in mind that you know and fits the theme of the assignment better then feel free to use any movie that fits the theme. I have attached 5 sources from class. You only need to use 3 just figured I would add more if some don’t fit the argument of the essay.

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