A term paper is due on the final day of classes. This paper should be a comprehe

A term paper is due on the final day of classes. This paper should be a comprehensive look (8-10 pages) at any of the course topics and how you see them relate to any organization (The organization I am speaking about is a college basketball program). Below are some ideas for topics that can be used alone or in conjunction with others. I am looking for an intelligent examination of how the theories do — or do not — relate to your organizational experience. This means you will need to do research on the topic(s) you choose to examine so you can compare your own organization to the theories and concepts.
A. Organizational Approaches: Which approach or approaches discussed in the first half of the text are followed in the organization? How is this approach beneficial or detrimental to the organization’s communication?
B. Proxemics: How does desk location, office space, etc. effect the communication in this organization? Is territoriality, dress code, parking spots, etc. a communication issue? Are there other cultural indicators that have become a communication concern?
C. Communication channels: How do electronic, voice, and written communication differ in this organization? Which one(s) are most effective? Which channels are used more often than others and why? What direction does most communication flow in this organization?
D. Leadership: Which theories of leadership are applied in this organization? How is this productive or destructive to the organization’s goals?
E. Organization and Networks: How do the formal organization charts represent reality in the communication of this company? What would a network analysis of this organization indicate in terms of cliques, liaisons, isolates, etc?
F. Grapevine: Does the grapevine and other informal communication exchanges effect this organization? How?
Small groups: How do small groups function in this organization? Are there ways they could function better? What types of groups exist?
Decision Making: How are decisions made in this organization? Are there more effective ways for making decisions?
Change Management: How is change managed and dealt with in this organization? How is change communicated? What are some of the reactions to change?
Stress and Emotion: What is the communication load? Are workers overloaded or underloaded? Are their problems a result of stress and burnout?
Diversity Management: How is diversity managed at this organization? Are there issues of harassment or inequality in the workplace? Do any of the theories that explain differences fit in this organization?
Assimilation and Socialization: How is socialization handled in this organization? Does management do a good job with a formal training? Is the informal socialization very different from the formal training? How could socialization be better?
Conflict: To what extent does conflict exist in this organization? How is conflict handled? How is this productive or destructive to the organization’s goals?
Technology: In what ways have technological advances made an impact on this organization? How does technology play a role in the organization’s communication processes?
* While I want this paper to be based on your experience with this organization, you will need to reference several communication articles or scholarly books. You must cite a minimum of three references not including your textbook.

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