5DN You are required to come up with one Discussion Question on the current issu

You are required to come up with one Discussion Question on the current issue that have sparked your attention about this course in general, or anything that would create a great discussion about this course among your classmates. It can be an issues from the readings, or issues not fully covered in readings, or it may relate to a current issue/event. (No repeats!) You cannot choose anything chosen by your classmates. Your initial one discussion question is due no later than the due date. You must respond to at least one post or sample question posted by me, which is also due no later than the due date. You respond to post should be at least 6 complete sentences. Start Early!
Sample Discussion Questions :
1. Do you think ESL classroom are more based on race and ethnicity? Why is there such a push for certain group of students to be in an ESL classroom, and they are not foreign students ? Discuss your opinion
TED talks on ESL
www.ted.com/talks/patricia_ryan_ideas_in_all_languages_not_just_english#t-59103 (Links to an external site.)
www.ted.com/talks/jay_walker_on_the_world_s_english_mania#t-247271 (Links to an external site.)
2. Meghan and Prince Harry discuss depression, racism in an interview with Oprah. Discuss your opinion.
3. Rating Systems for Movies, Games, and Music: Voluntary rating systems have been developed for movies, television shows, music, and video games. Discuss these rating systems and how successful they are in preventing children from viewing material that is not appropriate for them. Is this a good system? What do children learn from rating systems? If this is not an ideal system, what should be done instead?
There are 3 assignments in this order. Exambuddh.docs, 5assigbudh.docs,5dn. each should beplaced in a seperate word file.
Use the book to guide your writing. You should cite from the book but you can add information from the internet. Though make sure you use the book to guide the writing.

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