2,000 Words for 3 Questions and you should directly answer the question – (Intr

2,000 Words for 3 Questions and you should directly answer the question
– (Introduction, Body and Conclusion)
– Keep references
– Harvard Style
– Each question should be answered separetely
A. Betwin was incorporated in 2008 for the purpose of operating lotteries and generally to do all related activities and is the exclusive operator of the Mauritius National Lottery with current license to operate up to 2024 and renewable for 5-year periods subsequently. Betwin is a member of the World Lottery Association, the global authority on lottery business.
As at June 2021, Betwin had 14% market share of the gambling industry. The distribution network has expanded since its time of launch from 542 to 895 over Mauritius and Rodrigues. The company aims to further reach the population by increasing its number of retailers to 1,000 by the end of December 2025.
Under the Gambling Regulatory Authority (GRA) Act, only 1 operator of the Mauritius National Lottery is allowed to operate and Betwing represents 14% of the gambling market. The grey market represents 29% of the industry in Mauritius. The company derives its revenue from draw-based game (Motto) and instant games scratch cards.
Moreover, Betwin contributes a percentage of its net proceeds (currently 46%) to the Consolidated
Fund of the Government of Mauritius as per the licensing requirements.
B. Paradise Hospitality Co Ltd. is a start up company formed by senior executives from Sun Resorts and Attitude Hotels in Mauritius. The CEO of Paradise Hospitality wants to create a 4* hotel in the
Bel Ombre and has been in advanced discussion with the Ministry of Housing and Lands for the lease of a beachfront site of total land extent of 21 acres.
Using firstly, the Porter’s Five Forces model and secondly, the PESTLE framework, expand on the strategic elements that the management of Betwin and Paradise Hospitality should have on their radar as regards to profitably growing the respective company’s profitability.
2. BUSINESS ECOSYSTEM (25%) (600 Words)
Amazon ecosystem of products and services previously used to comprise only retail, distribution, and payments. Founded only as an online bookstore by Jeff Bezos, Amazon has become the e-commerce tech giant and has been able to consistently increase the reach of its ecosystem as an orchestrator. The e-commerce giant is competent in focusing on what customers need, designing in-house innovative technology solutions and then commercialising these solutions. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a stark example for this.
Discuss how the Amazon ecosystem has evolved from its humble beginnings in 1995 to the behemoth company with a global reach today. As the tentacles of the ecosystem deepens further, is there any cause for concern for global institutions and users in future years, especially from an antitrust perspective.
3. MANAGING PEOPLE (35%) (600 Words)
As the Managing Director of Futur HR Systems Ltd, a human resource management consultancy company, you have been approached by the tech entrepreneur, Adam Levine, to create the recruitment roadmap of the company he founded 4 years ago, Viral Hotes Co Ltd, which is based in Grand Baie, Mauritius.
The company has been designed to replicate the business model of Airbnb but focuses only on key tourist destinations across the Indian Ocean and Sub Saharan Africa. So far, the web portal contains approximately 60,000 listings and offers a better share of profit to people and businesses listing on its webpage as compared to Airbnb.
With strong traction in terms of increase in the listings in the last 6 months and higher number of bookings from the Viral Hotes website and the alleviation of travel restrictions across the world, Adam Levine has grown increasingly concerned about the availability of human capital on the island, especially for programmers, with the current staff count of 30 persons already at full capacity.
In light of the above, Adam has tasked you to create the recruitment strategy based entirely on a remote, digital workforce without the necessity of being physically present in Grand Baie.
Provide a SWOT analysis, from a HR management perspective, of a remotely working staff base.

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