2 Page Report + 6 Slide PowerPoint Presentation (Should last about 10 minutes) –

2 Page Report + 6 Slide PowerPoint Presentation (Should last about 10 minutes)
For this assignment, you will be asked to read a novel of your choice on an independent basis and view the movie version of that same novel in order to complete an analysis of both versions of the text.
The ISU will result in an oral presentation with a detailed handout encompassing your main arguments and examples. It is useful to compare texts from different media that deal with the same issue, topic, or event. By noting the similarities and differences, we can gain insight into the biases, approaches, and form of each medium.
Your ISU will require you to compare both a novel and its film version, looking specifically at the aforementioned elements. You will be called upon to analyse the similarities and differences between each form as well as noting how to account for the biases/limitations of each medium… all while trying to prove your thesis!
You will be required to partake in three conferences with me on three separate occasions. Your progress with the project should also be noted in a personal log that you will complete and submit with your final assignment. It is important not to forget that the process is important and will be assessed.
The goal of your assignment is to analyse a work of fiction with its movie counterpart and to come to conclusions regarding the limitations or changes between the two mediums. Essentially, you are comparing the book you have read to its cinematic version, so you should analyse both the book and the film with a critical eye. One of the arguments in your presentation must revolve around the techniques used by the film-maker and the writer of the story you have chosen, while another will enable you to comment on the stylistic aspects of each work. You are required to develop a third argument based on one of the following elements: plot, mood, setting, characterisation, atmosphere, conflicts, point of view, theme, or moral.
Conferences and Important Dates
First Conference:
The goal of this conference is to determine the suitability of your novel choice. I expect that your novel choice reflects the level of a grade 12 university preparation course (i.e. in length and in complexity). In addition, ensure that your chosen novel was written and published before the movie version was created. You must bring your novel and the movie edition which you will be using (if you do not have the movie, bring all important information: year, director, rating).
Novel: Publishing year, Edition, Author, Title, Number of pages.
Movie: Year, Director, Rating. (PG-13, 14A, R.)
The first conference will take place on the WEEK OF MARCH 21st
Second Conference:
The goal of this conference is to consult with me regarding the direction of your assignment. You should, by this point, have a strong direction for your project. We will focus on your thesis and the way you intend to present your findings to the class. It is imperative that you advise me of any audio-visual equipment you may require for your oral presentation.
The second conference will take place on the week of April 25th
Third Conference:
The goal of this conference is to review your newly refined thesis and arguments. Did you make the necessary changes? Did you use the feedback provided during the second conference? Is your goal clear? It is imperative that you advise me of any changes that you have made since our last discussion.
The third conference will take place on the week of May 16th
Submission Date:
Hand-in your logs, research documents, detailed outline, summary, quotations… two days before your presentation. This must be done at the beginning of the class period. An electronic version of your visuals and outline must also be submitted through Google Classroom.
Presentations begin on June 13th
Oral Component
I encourage you to prepare a creative presentation, as it is far more interesting for those who will be your audience.
The presentation must be a minimum of 10 minutes and a maximum of 12 minutes in duration. Any student who does not respect the time frame will be penalized in terms of structure, organisation, and content. Do not merely show a video excerpt of your movie, as it serves no critical purpose. If the clip is relevant, pertinent, or valid in any way, you may show it to the class providing it has been approved by your teacher. Also, the clip does NOT count in your allotted time period.
You may choose any of the following methods for your presentation (these are only suggestions):
Contrast of text and still frames;
Dramatic re-enactment and analysis;
Power Point / Google Slides presentation / Prezi / PowToon;
Demonstration of film-making techniques;
Seminar / Conference;
Guided discussion;
Method of your choice (please have this approved by me during the second conference).
Be sure to let your teacher know on the day of your 2nd conference if you need access to any type of equipment as it will be your responsibility to set it up before class starts! Be sure that your apparatus/aids /programs are compatible with the school’s equipment as you will be held accountable if there are problems or setbacks. I strongly suggest that you try all material the day before (or earlier!) your presentation.
Hints to make your presentation more interesting
use the board to highlight specific things (to explain a particularly difficult idea, for example);
have actual blown-up still-shot pictures of the characters in the movie so we can see how similar or different they are to the way they are described in the book;
do not merely have a poster or a visual aid for the sake of having one; if you bring a visual component with you, then refer to it regularly and ensure that its purpose is clear to everyone;
speak clearly: articulate your words and enunciate, change your tempo and the inflexion of your voice to suit the content of your message, adapt your body language to what you are saying (avoid merely standing, playing with objects because you are nervous);
avoid reading your text (that is the reason you will only be allowed to bring cue cards with you);
try not to become too informal or overly relaxed when you present;
inject humour (if appropriate or necessary);
be natural.
Written Component ISU
It is your responsibility to provide all students with a written summary of the plot of your novel two days before presentations begin. Remember that you are the one summarising the story; your handout cannot merely be a copied or plagiarised version of a summary you found online or somewhere else.
Submit a detailed outline of your presentation as well as a printout of your visual (PowerPoint slides, Prezi…) to your teacher 2 days before presentations begin. Your detailed outline should include:
A detailed introduction with your thesis statement;
Example of a weak thesis:
Lucy Maud Montgomery’s novel and the movie of that same work are pretty much the same, but this aspect is different.
Example of a strong thesis:
Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables is a story dealing with a young girl’s quest to find the self-esteem she needs in order to be happy with herself. On the other hand, its movie counterpart tends not only to deviate from the author’s original premise, but also focuses on elements which are inconsequential to the protagonist.
A list of your arguments which gives the teacher an overview of each point you will be making, and which includes a variety of ideas you plan on developing.
Argument #1 (characterisation)
Evolution of the protagonist
– a brief explanation and analysis
Argument #2 (style)
The choice of language and the audience’s appreciation
– a brief explanation and analysis
Argument #3 (techniques)
Media techniques used by the film-maker in contrast with writer’s original intent
– a brief explanation and analysis
A list of all the examples (references to pages and quotations, as well as specific scenes from the movie) you plan on discussing in class;
Important note:
If you choose to quote a passage from the book to the class, make sure that quotation is readily available to all your classmates. Use the projector so we can see what you are reading. Reason: it is extremely boring and useless to read something someone said, as the audience cannot always follow descriptive passages.
A strong conclusion that reiterates the main idea of each argument you presented, as well as a strong ending that leaves your audience wanting more.
The written component of your assignment must meet the following criteria:
Length: at least one page, but no longer than two (for outline portion).
You must include bibliographical sources for your ISU with an explanation of the ways in which you used each document.
Include your Progress Logs, visuals (slides or other),

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