1. Many of the occupations listed have had a long traditional standing to be lim

1. Many of the occupations listed have had a long traditional standing to be limited to a specific gender. Construction, military, and law enforcement have been a man’s job in past decades, and nursing is a woman’s work. Gender roles refer to the attitudes, behaviors, and activities that are socially defined as appropriate for each sex and are learned through the socialization process. (Kendall, 2017.) Biases, and social norms, shaped the gender inequalities within workplaces. Women lacked leadership and unequal pay, and discrimination happened when working in a field usually associated with another sex. Companies are working to lower gender barriers and promote equality and diversity. Men and women both are proving themselves in fields that were once not associated with their gender and showing how they can make improvements in that particular job. Discrimination still exists as more of an invisible barrier but many leadership roles still lack female presence and favor men. I think there will always be some sort of divide as men are proven stronger and can do more physical labor jobs and often women are caretakers and have to push even harder to prove themselves trying to balance home life and working strenuous hours but many do it to show it is possible. 
When I was in the US NAVY, a supervisor would give me a “hit” on my dress white inspections if he could not see my undergarments. In 1992, the current US NAVY REG stated (I could not find the actual reg) that undergarments must be white as everyone knows white shows under white. I would wear flesh tones because I was embarrassed if others saw my undergarments. He got a kick out of making me an example. I would have to do extra duty, always with him there, for the “hit.” I got so fed up with this that I sent a change up the chain of command. My CO was impressed, and he pushed it through.
Furthermore, in case you are wondering, I did not get my supervisor’s signature on the request, so I went straight to my Division Officer. Sometime later, it was approved, and the US NAVY REGs were changed to “Shall be white or wearer’s skin tone when worn with white shirts. Otherwise, color is optional.” (US NAVY 2022). I never got the full credit for changing this. I do not even know when it did get approved. I did receive full support from my division, and my supervisor was reprimanded. He later tried to bring a gun to work and was separated from the Navy. 
3. I still don’t agree that girls or women should play football. Football is a boys and men sports and it should stay that way, because what is going to happen is that a girl or women is going to get hurt bad and the parent’s will blame the school and ask why did you let her play. I am a young women and I love football doesn’t mean im going go and ask to join a team. If you want to play football, join a rugby or powderpuff team they do just as much.Two teenage girls started a campaign called let girls play which is movement to accept girls to have equal oppurtunties to play all sports. There is a reason that they have different sports for men and women.Women should stick to women sports for example, Volleyball and Softball. There is one sport that Women and Men can do which is Cheerleading because they need the Men for the bases and to lift the cheerleaders other than that everyone should stick to their own sport.  

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