1. For chapter 2, 3 & 4 create 1 discussion question for each chapter to pose to

1. For chapter 2, 3 & 4 create 1 discussion question for each chapter to pose to the class. This should be an open-ended question that gets your classmates to think about the material. These are examples of open ended questions: “What parenting style did your parents raise you in?” “Do you think you’d raise your children in the same style and why?” Or “What does research tell us about using physical punishment on children?”
2. Create 3 participation posts per chapter. These can be a response to another students discussion question and/or an original post. These should be 6-8 sentences each. Be sure to cite your information sources, for example, “According to Ainsworth, securely attached children have the healthiest relationship with their mothers.” or “Neural connections begin to form right after birth (Berk, pg. 89).
Here are potential topics you can address in your participation posts:
1. What is epigenesis? How does it differ from gene-environment interaction? Provide an example of epigenesis.
2. How does poverty affect the family system?
3. If you had to choose five environmental influences or teratogens aimed at promoting healthy prenatal development, which ones would you choose any why?
In summary create 1 discussion question and 3 participation posts per chapter (this totals 12 posts). Be sure to cite the data from the text in your participation posts.

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