1. Choose your topic (Medication Errors) and create a slide with the problem sta

1. Choose your topic (Medication Errors) and create a slide with the problem statement/thesis statement/topic statement about an ethical or legal issue in nursing. Don’t forget the title page comes first.
2. Don’t forget to use speaker notes for all slides. Content is worth 30 points. Content should include the title page, background information, why this is an issue, identify the roles of the leader in managing the issue, and describe multiple proposed solutions, legal and ethical considerations, conclusion, references
3. Use bullets on slides and put extra information in the speaker notes. You should not have paragraphs on the slides.
4. If using pictures, you must cite them if they are from outside the PowerPoint app.
5. Citations should be on all the slides and in the speaker notes.
6. You NEED a conclusion slide. This alone is worth 15 points.
7. 4-5 scholarly (journals, ebook, ,edu/.org. or gov sites) references should be used. The reference page needs to be in APA format.
8. Total of 10-15 slides. This may include the title and reference pages but it is recommended to have at least 10 slides of content to cover all the material that is required

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