You will complete an assignment in which you take on the role of a genetic couns

You will complete
an assignment in which you take on the role of a genetic counselor or fertility
specialist. You should apply the core value of respect. You will choose a
scenario involving a couple who has difficulty conceiving and will make
recommendations for the couple.
You will write 2-3
pages (double spaced) providing recommendations for the couple or individual in
the scenario. Please consider the questions below when writing your paper.
a. Does the patient present any risks or medical conditions?
b. What is the age of the patient? Is this an important
factor to consider? Why or why not?
c. Please describe any social or economic factors that should
be considered when making the recommendation. Hint: You might want to research
the income associated with the jobs that are provided.
d. Are there any other questions that you would want to ask
this couple or individual?
e. Provide two possible recommendations for this patient.
Choices include donor insemination, in-vitro fertilization, surrogacy, and adoption.
Describe the two choices including the risks and benefits associated with these
choices. Be sure to consider the financial costs, success rates, and possible
recovery time associated with each choice.
f. Apply the core value of respect in your recommendation.
g. Be sure to cite sources and include a reference list in
APA format.
Torrie is 44 years
old, is unmarried, and has never been pregnant. She is an executive director of
a large corporation. She has decided that she would like to have a child.

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