You will analyze a case on Pizza Delivered Quickly (PDQ) factory. The purpose of

You will analyze a case on Pizza Delivered Quickly (PDQ) factory. The purpose of the Pizza Delivered Quickly (PDQ) case analysis is to assess the external and internal environments for the company, establish the goals and objectives for the company, define the operational strategies and develop action plans to implement the identified strategies. It involves the use of knowledge gained in the course to develop a business project management case which identifies local pizza factories, and the creation of the software system needed to operate them. The project involves developing several Project Life Cycle Models (PLCM) to address the Pizza Factory Locator Subsystem, Order Entry Subsystem, Order Submit Subsystem, Logistics Subsystem, Routing Subsystem and Inventory Management Subsystem.
Refer Appendix – C, for full details of Case Study.
The paper is to follow APA rules and guidelines.
You must have at least 5 academic sources, maximum two of which can be a textbook; the remaining must be peer reviewed articles.
The paper is to be 5000 (+/- 10%) words in length.
The paper must have a title page, and abstract and a separate page for references at the end. It is expected that the introduction comprises no more than 10% of the paper, the analysis is to be roughly 70% of the paper, and the remaining 20% to be conclusion and recommendations.

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