Write a Summary/Analysis on the novel and information provided In your summary/a

Write a Summary/Analysis on the novel and information provided
In your summary/analysis, consider why Jean Rhys felt the need to revise our understanding of the wife first created a century before in Jane Eyre.
Instructions on how the summary/analysis should be written
These critical write ups will be in response to the reading that you do and will be evaluated by your effort to: summarize (retell) important elements of what you’ve read in roughly 125 words and then to analyze (determine the meaning of) what you’ve read. These are critical engagements with the texts and as such are written in clear academic prose (please note: we never begin critical writing with the first person pronoun; instead, sentences begin with nouns related to the topic, i.e., “The novel begins with an introduction to its main characters . . .” or “Thematically, this novel addresses issues of . . .” rather than “I think Austen is saying . . .” PLEASE do not engage in authorial mind-reading; instead, stick to the realities of the texts we read and the evidence provided in them!). These reading responses should be succinct 250-300 typed words roughly divided evenly between summary and analysis (i.e. again, what happens followed by what this means). These write ups are crucially important to you as a developing college writer. BE SURE to integrate clear, brief direct quotations to support the point you make and parenthetically cite these as you write your response.

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