Write a BMC of small company info in the attachment below research 6 or 7 quote

Write a BMC of small company info in the attachment below
research 6 or 7 quote maybe out of 3 or 4 from below
Use diffrent toolkit other than SWAT as well if possible
with Citation
Research Ideas
A G Lafley
Peter Drucker
Michael E. Porter
Alexander Osterwalder
Yves Pigneur
Max McKeown
Alex Cowan
Helen Walters
Eric Ries
Karolin Frankenberger
Idris Mootee
Patrick Vlaskovits
Renée Mauborgne
Simon Sinek
Harvard Business Review
How to ‘do’ this assignment…
Chapter1 – Research into ‘best business strategies and practices’
Open the ‘Research Ideas’ above
Conduct an internet search on these names
Find quotes by these people
Find articles by these people
Find articles about what these people say
Read books by these people
Read, read, read…
Decide what’s relevant, the important points, decide on a ‘thread’ which weaves together the relevant points made. A ‘thread’ is a coherent sequence of discussions, when assembled, makes an overall logical argument, which makes this an essay. How well you connect this flow of discussions determines the success of the essay.
Map out what you want to say (using what these people said) into a coherent essay
Write Chapter1
Reference it
Chapter2 – Create the Business Model Canvas for your project
Chapter3 – Review
Conduct a SWOT analysis of each of the 9 BMC parts
Review your BMC content against the principles you outlined in Chapter1
Ensure your wordcount <= 3750 words (not including the reference/bibliography section) Chapter1 = 1000 words Chapter2 = 1500 words Chapter3 = 1250 words

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