While standards are meant to inform what students should know and be able to do,

While standards are meant to inform what students should know and be able to do, the desired knowledge and skills contained in standards are not always crystal clear. In this assignment you will look at the organization of standards, consider your accountability for them, and prioritize the essential content and skills contained in standard statements to inform the development of your Course Project: Part 1—Interdisciplinary Unit Plan.
Part 1: Standards
In preparation for this assignment you were asked to engage in a Web Exploration in which you reviewed and analyzed standards. You were directed to go to your state’s department of education website or other website to review the standards for the content areas you have selected; read any introductory language to get a sense of the big ideas and essential understandings that the standards are meant to inform; and select two to four standards upon which to develop your Interdisciplinary Unit Plan. Reflect on this activity as follows:
How are standards addressed in your classroom, school, and district? How are they formatted (e.g., objectives, goals, topics, concepts, benchmarks, performance indicators)?
What are the accountability measures in your school, district, or state for addressing standards?
What did you notice as you reviewed the introductory statements that precede the standards?
Part 2: Breaking Apart Standard Statements
This week you considered the “Entry Points for the Design Process” excerpt, examined ways to integrate curriculum, and selected standards that you will address in your Interdisciplinary Unit Plan. In this activity you will “break apart” the standards you have selected for your Interdisciplinary Unit Plan and begin to determine “big ideas” and enduring understandings you will address in your unit. This will inform Stage 1 of your unit plan, “Identify Desired Results.” Follow the process (Phase 1 and Phase 2) for “breaking apart” standard statements presented in the Hale excerpt, “How May Interpreting Standards Influence Our Curriculum Design?”
Phase 1
Determine content (nouns).
Determine skills (measurable verb, target, descriptor).
Phase 2
Identify implicit and explicit learning expectations.
Change immeasurable to measurable verbs, low-level to high-level verbs.
Make implied content and skill descriptors explicit.
Change topic-based to concept-based learning.
Submit the following:
Your analysis of the standards you reviewed in Part I, addressing the prompts above in a written response, from part 1.
A summary of the work you completed in Part 2 as follows:
List the 2 to 4 standards you will address in your Interdisciplinary Unit Plan and provide a rationale for the interdisciplinary connections upon which you will base your unit. (check the attached document for the standards I have chosen).
For each standard, share the results of the breaking apart or unwrapping process you conducted in Phases 1 and 2.
Explain an insight you gained in breaking apart one or more of the standards you have chosen.
Generate ideas for Stage 1: Desired Results of your Interdisciplinary Unit Plan. What “big ideas” and enduring understandings became evident as a result of breaking apart the standards?
(Assignment length: Parts 1 and 2 combined: 3–4 pages)
Use attached document for reference on the information I have provided to complete this assignment.
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