Week 6: Signature Assignment: Case Study Topic Approval and Initial Tasks Resear

Week 6: Signature Assignment: Case Study Topic Approval and Initial Tasks
Research potential disease and disorder topics from our pathophysiology textbook that interest you and that you believe will help prepare you and your classmates for the Nursing program.
Choose a possible topic of interest (as well as a backup topic)
Submit your 2 choices to your instructor immediately (1st and 2nd choice)- in case your top choice has been taken).
In order to write a case study paper, you will create a fictional patient that is designed by you to instruct your colleagues on your chosen (and instructor- approved) disease or disorder. You must carefully address a number of topics in sections in the designated order with specific information contained in each. Everyone should click the link that follows this to see my Signature Assignment Sample Paper Template and the Signature Assignment Grading Rubric for each of you to use as your guideline as you reword your chosen referenced material, create your original Signature Assignment in proper APA (7th edition) format for each of these required sections.
Section: Information to Include
Title/Information Page (P. 1)
Abstract Page (P. 2- summary of project and findings)
Introduction (P. 3- patient and problem)
Explain who the patient is (Age, gender, etc.)
Explain what the problem is (What were they diagnosed with, or what happened?)
Introduce your main argument (What should you as a nurse focus on or do?)
Explain the disease (What are the symptoms? What causes it?)
Explain what health problems the patient has (Have they been diagnosed with other diseases?)
Detail any and all previous treatments (Have they had any prior surgeries or are they on medication?)
Nursing Physical Assessment
List all the patient’s health stats in sentences with specific numbers/levels (Blood pressure, bowel sounds, ambulation, etc.)
Related Treatments
Explain what treatments the patient is receiving because of their disease
Nursing Diagnosis & Patient Goal
Explain what your nursing diagnosis is (What is the main problem for this patient? What need to be addressed?)
Explain what your goal is for helping the patient recover (What do you want to change for the patient?)
Nursing Interventions
Explain how you will accomplish your nursing goals, and support this with citations (Reference the literature)
Explain how effective the nursing intervention was (What happened after your nursing intervention? Did the patient get better?)
Explain what the patient or nurse should do in the future to continue recovery/improvement
References- APA-formatted (7th edition)
Additional Requirements:
Your paper should be 6-8 pages in length (3-4 pages of content) and will be graded on how well you complete each of the above sections.
Submit your paper into SafeAssign prior to the submission deadline in order to ensure that you have not exceeded the grading cutoff of 29% (a plagiarism score of 30% or greater will not receive a passing grade).
Make sure to integrate current (last 5 years) citations into all of your paper
Support all claims of what the disease is, why it occurs, the symptoms associated and how to treat it with references to the literature on this disease.
Always use citations for information that you learned from a book or article; if you do not cite it, you are telling your reader that YOU discovered that information (how to treat the disease, etc.)

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