Watch the videos at the link below in the order they are in then address the top

Watch the videos at the link below in the order they are in then address the topic below.
1. Florence Nightingale: Changing the Field of Nursing – Fast Facts Duration: 3:16 minutes

2. NURSES, If Florence Could See Us Now Duration: 2: 31 minutes

3. Miss Colorado skips the song and dance, talks about nursing Duration: 2:03 minutes

4. “The View” Mocking Miss Colorado Plus Her Monologue Duration: 30 seconds
URL link:
You only need to watch the first 30 seconds of #4 for the women’s comments on the panel. The rest of this video is a repeat of Miss Colorado’s monologue in #3.
Your reflection is whether you consider nursing to be a profession.
Begin by describing the seven criteria the Bixlers used to describe a profession on pages 85-86 of your textbook (which were written in 1945 and 1959) and discuss your beliefs in response to the four “Ask Yourself” questions on page 87. Next, discuss your reaction to how “The View” treated Kelley Johnson’s (Miss Colorado) monologue and how social media impacts the nursing profession. What was the general public’s reaction, and what resulted from their comments? The nursing community reacted very strongly to this incident, so why do you think nurses do not use their “power in numbers” to change other aspects of health care involving their own practice or their patients? Review the pages for the “Codes of Nursing Ethics” and “Themes of Nursing Ethics”
and corporate them into your reflection.
This is a journal assignment so you do not have to reference and it can be written in first person as needed. Please make sure to address the complete assignment. The attached files are very short summaries I put together. 600-700 words minimum.

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