Use the information as evidence to support the argument ( thesis). Growth mindse

Use the information as evidence to support the argument ( thesis). Growth mindset, Grit, procrastination, the benefits of making mistakes, resilience, self image, the power of focusing on the process of learning rather than the results.
Reference the following sources:
Brainology by Carol Dweck
Grit: the power of passion and perseverance by Angela Duckworth (TED talk)
Coach your mind for resilience by Shane Snow.
“The mindful attitude” rewire your brain by John B.
Four peer reviewed sources from college database
EBSCO and Proquest) for additional sources.
Research essay prompt (the goal is to establish an
argument answering the following question)
1.) people set goal and attempt to achieve them every
day. Yet, people fail to accomplish their goals and
achieve success. Based on the sources and
information above and database research, what is
required for success and how do these elements
contribute to a person’s ability to achieve his/ her /
their goals?
A Correctly formatted work cited page
Eight sources must be quoted in the research paper-
3 from the first list provided information above + 1
from the book “brainology” by Carol Dweck + 4
academic peer reviewed sources from college
Note: no internet sources
Essay must be void of 1st and 2nd person point of

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