TOPIC: ONLINE ILLICIT DRUGS INSTRUCTIONS: Market in the recent years there has

INSTRUCTIONS: Market in the recent years there has been a dramatic increase in the sale of illicit substances distributed via dark web this drug market resemble familiar plateform like ebay and amazon and faciliate the delivery of illiocite
drugs accross the world. these digitally facilitated form of drugs trading requires critical decission of how this new form of trade completely resharp our understanding of illicite drugs market. write an essay that address the following
1. Whatbis harm reduction and how has it emerge as a guiding pillar in Australia’s national drug’s strategy?
2. What does available evidence about Australia;s use of the dark web to buy and sell illicite drugs online?
A). How big of a problem is this? Is there evidence to suggest this nis growing in Australia? How does Australia compare to other countries in this regards?
3. Does Online illicite drugs market appear to reduce or increase harm to drugs market participants
A) you can draw on a range of topics in structuring your arguments here icluding the ability to reduce violent altercation
between customers and drugs sellers (and between drugs sellers themselves) how review and feedback system coukld lead to higher qulaity substance and less adulteration of substance and the effects of increasing access to wider rage of drugs. You do not have to discuss each of this matters but you should lend on a clear stand in relation to the question.

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