TOPIC: FISHING VILLAGE IN BUKAKATA, UGANDA. Fishing village topics: Women’s role

Fishing village topics:
Women’s role in fishing community; level of empowerment, industry they run
HIV in fishing community; history of epidemic, prevalence rates, people receiving treatment, visiting health care clinics
Malaria in community, how the deal with it, treatment options, how impact community
Understanding fishing industry, how does it operate, how owns boats, how do people contribute to fishing/economy/industry
Look at waste management, sewage treatment, environmental impacts, how affects (local) population
Grading criteria:
§ The format is 10 pages (exclusive of references) size 12 Times New Roman font, double line spacing, 1-inch margins, and portrait page orientation. Figures can be used and will not count towards page limit.
§ Irrespective of the study of focus, the project paper should meet the following requirements:
· Clearly state the project and organization as part of your cover/identification page
· Give a brief introduction of the organization basing this on key aspects of the site tour, zoom meeting, and any other information about the organization such as from the website.
· Give a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis of the organization.
· Clearly name and discuss the problem, giving its background and how you seek to address it.
· Write out a needs assessment of the organization in line with your stated problem, what should be reflected on in the organization’s future plans and how you are able to help it flourish.
· Clearly show (quoting references) what has or hasn’t worked elsewhere in line with what you are proposing above.
· Include the resources you will need for the project you intend to undertake (costs/budgets are not expected).
· Give a detailed plan on how you would raise funds for the organization.
· Provide a conclusion to wrap up your idea in a succinct way.
· Proper formatting and referencing of literature is important. Use APA format.

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