Topic: Compare how Saeed and Nadia from Exit West change differently after thei

Compare how Saeed and Nadia from Exit West change differently after their refugee (border-crossing) experiences. Analyze their changes as to why they break up in the end.
12-point font size, double-spaced, About 1,100 words, Cite & analyze the book along with at least
TWO articles. (Book, articles, or etc.)
1. Does the paper have a proper title?
2. Does the intro have a key idea that presents your main point concisely?
a) Ensure that your paper’s thesis is an arguable (debatable) thesis.
b) Structure the paper with an introductory paragraph that ends with the thesis statement.
3. Does the paper show a certain level of coherence, consistency, and cogency?
a) Use the topic of each body paragraph to present a point that directly supports the thesis.
b) Within each body paragraph, use logical reasoning and evidence from the literary text to prove your point of argument.
c) Include quotations from each literary work you’re discussing, but don’t overdo it—most of the paper needs to be your own writing.
4. Does the paper follow MLA format and include proper citations?
a) Include a Works Cited page that cites each literary work you use.
b) Use MLA document format for the paper and MLA style for the citations and Works Cited page
5. Edit and proofread
a) In addition to content, clarity, organization, grammar and spelling do count.
b) Is your voice strong and clear?
c) Does the paper use complete sentences and a variety of sentence types?
d) Is the vocabulary rich and effectively used?
See the below for pdf version of Exit West

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