Topic: Can Group Therapy Be Used to Help the Foster Youth In Coping With Adultho

Topic: Can Group Therapy Be Used to Help the Foster Youth In Coping With Adulthood?
Journal Assignments
For each journal entry, you will write 1 to 2 paragraphs about the topic listed. This should be a way for you to think through your own potential research interests and free write about what you might study and how. Your responses and entries should be written with enough care that they are understandable and coherent, but they do not need to be as formal as a paper or exam.
Journal Entry:
Think about what questions you would ask the people in your study. i.e., if you are interested in depression – what kinds of questions would you ask? Would you look for instruments or tools that had already been used or would you make up your own questions. Would you use mainly closed ended scaled or yes/no questions or open-ended questions or some combination of both. Provide a couple of examples of questions you might ask. Briefly discuss what your reasoning is.
Citation Style: APA 6th edition
Evidence-Based Practice of the Method of Data Collection
During the research, female foster youth should be considered, and developments towards enabling them to live a better life should be advocated for. The knowledge of their behaviors and attitudes towards a particular incidence should be given priority during the research to ensure that their emotions and physical life is not affected by the study. The use of the observation method is basically described as involving the use of experiences and past experiences in making informed conclusions to interpret the data. The study results can be related to groups, communities, administration, and policy in that they help in acquiring the knowledge of the behaviors exhibited by the youth under study.
Sample Questionnaire Questions
1. Have you ever suffered from a mental health disease?
2. Have you ever heard of a person suffering from mental health?
3. Do you know the meaning of group therapy?
4. What is the purpose of group therapy?
5. How do you think mental health diseases should be controlled?
6. Does group therapy help in reducing the risks of mental health?
7. Which measures can be used to reduce the effects on mental health?
8. Can parental care reduce the risks of mental health illness?
9. Should the youth be taught the adverse effects of mental health?
10. What should be done to curb the high increase of mental health cases?
11. How do female foster youths cope with their situation?
12. Which behaviors are exhibited by female foster youths?
13. What is the importance of group therapy in society?
14. Which steps are deployed to protect female foster youths from being affected by mental health problems?
15. What should be done to enhance a good culture for the youths in society?

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