Top Girl Who are the “people” of the play? Write about two-three characters from

Top Girl
Who are the “people” of the play? Write about two-three characters from the play. Describe the characters. How old are they? What do they do for a living? Where do they live or work? When do they live? The play may not explicitly answer those questions for you, what do you think?
Describe what you think the characters wanted (their overall objective/goal)–what was a potential driving force in the play for them? What were they after? Did they succeed or fail? Use specific examples from the play to support your thoughts.
What do you think the actors might have done to create their character?
Any physical actions, or vocal choices? How did these physical and/or vocal elements help you understand the character?
How did the actors physically relate to or create the environment of the play?
How did the actors create relationships between the characters?
Speculate on what kind of research a specific actor (or two) needs to create their character and why?
What was your reaction to the actor’s work creating their characters?
If you were in the play, which character would you like to play? And why?
What did you find different about a live theatre performance compared to performance on TV or in films?
How was your experience of attending a live theatre performance?

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