To prepare for this assignment, I’m going to ask you to engage in a process loos

To prepare for this assignment, I’m going to ask you to engage in a process loosely based on the Jesuit examen, but here focused on the past two weeks of our class. (Thanks to Fr. Waldrop for the basic framework, which he developed for the University’s mission examen process!) First, find a quiet place and take a moment to settle yourself in whatever way works for you. Now go through the following three steps:
Look back: Think about what we’ve done in the past two weeks–the music, art, texts, and ideas we’ve covered, the skills you’ve worked on, etc. What have you learned–about the middle ages and early modern period, about music and art, about yourself?
Look within: What is going well, and what may need modification or a new start? What’s been getting in your way, and what steps can you take to deal with those barriers? How have you grown as a person who thinks critically about music and art, about the past, and about our world?
Look ahead: How will you apply what you’ve learned? (Remember, this may refer to specific content, habits of mind, skills, or anything else.) What do you want to learn next? How can you take your progress so far and build on it to go further?
Now write a personal self-assessment (aim for 300-400 words) that summarizes the fruits of this process and evaluates your performance, providing a rationale for the grade you give yourself. (Yes, I am asking you to give yourself a grade! I know this may be uncomfortable for some of you, but please give it a try. If it helps to discuss the process with me before you submit your self-assessment, please let me know.)

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