To observe Middle Age Children in a natural setting and to analyze how to promot

To observe Middle Age Children in a natural setting and to analyze how to promote their Physical, Cognitive and Social/Emotional Development
Part I; Setting
Describe the setting you observed, including:
What type of facility and/or classroom did the observation take place?
Number of children present
Number of staff present
Activities occurring during observation video
Other relevant information (whether families were in the room, how children responded to strangers, etc.)
Part II: Recording Qualitative Observations
Choose a child to focus on during the remainder of your field experience observation. Then:
Use a Qualitative Observation strategy to take accurate, concise, and objective notes about that child’s appearance, interactions and behaviors.
Include in your data a description of the child’s physical, cognitive, language, social and emotional areas of development.
Guess the child’s age based on your observations and knowledge of developmental milestones.
Part III: Reflection
This is where you will clearly connect your own experiences with the article, reading material and video. You will be writing a Reflection based on your moments of connections to what you learned and what you see in adolescents around you. Your Reflection needs to include each of the following:
A summary and conclusions about each of the developmental areas (social emotional is a key factor for this age) that you observed in the video and read about in the article. Be sure to include information from both and any applicable red flags that may occur (think COVID affects).
During this portion of the assignment objectivity is no longer required, as you are now making subjective observations.
A description of how each area of development interrelates to adolescence.
A description of how outside factors can contribute to the video observation for adolescence development and the impacts for their learning.
Links to ariticle and videos

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