This plan follows a logical trajectory, starting with objectives. Use a separate

This plan follows a logical trajectory, starting with objectives. Use a separate paragraph or two for each of the following sections.
Using the Education Practicum Project template, the following headings are completed: Intervention and Evaluation Plan and subheadings: Objectives, Description of Practicum Site and Stakeholders, Change Model, Implementation Plan, and Evaluation. This section of your paper is added after the Introduction and Synthesis of Literature.
Objectives: State your long-term Objective. This is an objective that you have for the practicum site and mentor. When you leave your practicum, what should they be measuring or how should they follow up? For example, if a school of nursing wants to improve NCLEX® pass rates, you are not likely to be able to achieve this in the short time you have in your practicum, but you expect that the faculty will be tracking those rates in the future. Or, a hospital may want to decrease infection rates, but you may not be in your practicum long enough to achieve this objective; you will suggest the hospital staff track the rate after you leave.
State your short -term objective(s). These should be the same outcomes as in the PICOT question. Is your objective to improve unit scores on an exam or ATI scores in a certain clinical area? Help the hospital staff achieve an 80% score on a quiz related to infections? Be realistic. What do you think you can realistically accomplish? Consult your mentor on this!
Description of the Practicum Site and Stakeholders: Describe your practicum site and your stakeholders–those who will be affected by your intervention. Remind your reader what your educational problem or issue is and how your practicum site, administration, students, or staff are affected.
Change Model: Select a change model to guide the implementation of your project. Describe how you will use that model to guide your intervention. Develop a table relating each step of the change model to steps of your implementation plan with a table, with steps in the change model on the left and steps of the implementation plan on the right.
Implementation Plan: Write step-by-step exactly what you will do to implement your project. Provide as much detail as possible. As part of your project, you will either teach a lesson to students or you will make a presentation to staff about a practice change, depending on the nature of your Education Practicum Project. Complete the Teaching Plan Template with as much detail as possible. Remember, your teaching plan should show that you plan to use active learning strategies in addition to or stead of a traditional PowerPoint presentation. Add the teaching plan to the paper as an appendix. NOTE: you should have a minimum of four objectives in the left-most column of the teaching plan.
Evaluation: Describe the outcome variables or evaluation tools that you will use in your project. You need to know before implementation how you will measure your project. You may amend your evaluation tools right before you implement your project but need to identify early how you will evaluate your project. You are required to use (1) a test of knowledge/skill of some kind such as a pre and post-test and (2) a tool or survey to evaluate your lesson and teaching. Attach any evaluation tools you will use as appendices.
PICOT Questions used: In the orientation of nurses, will the use of role-playing compared to handouts improve knowledge of (PCMH) Patient- center medical Homes to promote quality health care and patient satisfaction?
Long-term objective: Improve patient care that is delivered by new nurses.
Practicum site- hospital, stakeholders affected new nurses, administration, and staff.
Implementation plan- Break new nurses into two groups. One group receives general lecturing and handouts regarding patient care, and the other group receives all of that in addition to role-playing. Per- and post-assessments are given to determine the novice nurses’ knowledge on PCMH. The desired outcome is that the group that received role-play would have the most improvement.

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