This paper will be used to assess learning of written communication skills for t

This paper will be used to assess learning of written communication skills for the Business Administration major and understanding of some core management and business concepts. Make sure that you observe the various operations, as well as the processes and structure of its organization. Relate what you see to the discussions in class and the readings in MGT 310 concerning mechanistic and organic organizations.
After the internship ends you will use Microsoft Word to write a 3 page report with four sections:
1) You must include a two-page description of the organization (size, target market, locations, and revenues). You should include the vision and mission and description of its leader and your supervisor. A basic organization chart is desirable. (5 points)
2) You must examine at least three business concepts or theories you observe at your sponsor organization. You must provide citations from a textbook or academic article that demonstrated you understand the concept and then relate it to what you experienced at the internship. Please use proper citation style and include a list of references. (15 points)
3) You should also include a one-page evaluation of your supervisor which should touch on her or his effectiveness as a mentor and whether you recommend another student work with this person as an intern. (5 points)
4) Describe what you learned that was most valuable and whether you received an offer of employment from the organization after the internship ended. (10 points)
This report should be prepared using Times New Roman 12 point font, 1-inch margins, double-spaced with grammatically correct English sentences. Do well!

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