This is not an Assignment. This is a personal statement for physical therapy adm

This is not an Assignment. This is a personal statement for
physical therapy admission application. I’m not good at writing so I will be
providing highlights and points you need to use it in the personal statement
since it must be based on my life/achievements. Please feel free to rearrange
the idea to make it looks good
Note: since this is a personal statement, it needs to be
inspirational. So, we might need to add corrections to it multiple times.
This needs to be 4500 characters not more than that
The prompt for this essay is “Every person has a story that has led them to a career. Since
there are a variety of health professions that “help” others, please
go beyond your initial interaction or experience with physical therapy and
share the deeper story that has confirmed your decision to
specifically pursue physical therapy as your career.”

My passion for Physical
therapy started when I was 12 years old when my grandfather passed away because
he was suffering from lung cancer and has been treating for almost 5 years
consequently before he dead. Three years
later after he diagnosed with lung cancer his condition start to get worse and start
suffering with problems such as dyspnea, and cachexia which led to poor physical
function and psychosocial. My grandfather’s doctor suggest that he go to physical
therapist to help him to reduce the perceived severity of dyspnea, physical inactivity,
and the cancer related pain. I used to love to go with him and attend those sessions
for the emotional support for my grandfather and while I was there I got to see
how these sessions works. He constantly feels better after the physical therapy
sessions and I was always trying to act as his therapist at home hoping I can
get him out of the pain. He used to get happy after seeing me trying to make
him feel better and that was digging the dream into my heart to become a physical
therapist. After 4 years from those sessions that used to make my grandfather
feels better my grandfather dead. It was one of my dream my grandfather sees me
as a physical therapist, but I will be the therapist knowing that he will so
proud of me in heaven

Challenges will
forever remain to make us stronger! As we thrive in this life journey, we face
both bigger and smaller challenges, but all we need is the right attitude to
get us through successfully. My journey starts when my family decided to
move to United states, I was 15 years old at the time. I was not able to speak English
and here comes my first challenge struggling to learn and communicate with
other. I
developed much curiosity in studying and learning English, which made my
teacher tirelessly assist me due to my efforts. My goal was to get better and
better so I can learn and understand fast, and I never forget about my dream. During
my sophomore year in high school while in the US after taking a weight training
course. Which increased my desire more into the physical Therapy more. I began
to love to discover more about the muscles’ anatomy, and the best movement for
the anatomy to be strong, and how to prevent injuries during training. I also
wanted to understand the physiological and anatomical foundation of the body
and the different ways an individual can heal or treat injuries when they
occur. My desire to understand anatomy made me addicted to reading various
books and articles about it.

My love of
physical training to achieve fitness made me engage in the gym and attempted to
maximize my training sessions. I had to train in different exercises and
activities during the gym training to attain body fitness which prompted people
to begin questioning my physical transformation. This motivated me to work
harder and increase my training sessions for better outcomes. However, one day
during my training, I twisted my elbow in one of the exercises, which prompted
me to discontinue my training for more than eight weeks before the doctor
advised that I could get back to training. This was one of the most challenging
moments of my life as I languished in pain and even thought that I would never
get back to the gym. However, I did not have any other choice but to follow the
doctor’s instructions. The doctor also informed me that I needed physical
therapy because I had a tennis elbow. My experience with therapists was great
because I had the opportunity to ask him about the field of physical therapy. I
was happy to gain knowledge as my therapist was always ready to explain what
the field entails intensively. I was delighted after my transformation as I had
to utilize what I learned while studying the body muscles and understanding
various exercises that may assist individuals in fitness and identify how to
prevent myself and others from injuries.

My passion for
this career goes with studying anatomy and biology to understand the body. My
motivating factor in pursuing physical therapy as my career is that people grow
old and are prone to accidents and cannot work normally. Also some people that
have health issue such as my grandfather sometimes they relay on physical therapy
so they can minimize their pain.

The good news is,
I want to be at their disposal to offer my support once I acquire adequate
knowledge and experience. Additionally,
players get hurt during their training in which they anticipate a quick
recovery to continue with their hobbies, thus requiring a physical therapist.
These significantly stimulate my desire to be a physical therapist.

I have also
exercised leadership skills being that I am a leader in my church scouts. My
experiences in this realm have tailored me to be a gig at offering solution,
mentoring others, building teams, and much more. In terms of offering
solutions, once I become a physical therapist, I want to volunteer as a therapist
who assists both the young and the old with muscle issues. Having worked as a
pharmacy tech too, I acquired knowledge about different medicines and drugs,
which will also help me in offering the best solutions that will enhance muscle
health. Forever, my goal remains to be the best physical therapist, changing
lives in the realm of patients’ recovery.

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