This is a 4 pages Report *TurnitIn is being used to ensure there is no plagiaris

This is a 4 pages Report *TurnitIn
is being used to ensure there is no plagiarism. Please ensure that your reports
have a conclusion or summary* Please use running header*
Refer to the following
Humanitarian Emergencies
Humanitarian Emergencies
Read the following
Syndemic effects in complex
humanitarian emergencies: A framework for understanding political violence
and improving multi-morbidity health outcomes
On the basis of your
research, create 4-page report that addresses the following:
How is the human rights–based approach (HRBA) necessary in these
instances, or is it?
What is an example of a complex humanitarian emergency in which the
elements of the article apply? Discuss any ethical or unethical issues
that may have arisen from this issue.
How do the elements illustrated in this article relate to the 10 Essential Public Health Services?
*Be sure to support your
points for each of the components in parentheses with data from the program and
outside research.

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